Adaptación E-Comerce

It is important to increase legal security in a changing medium such as the digital environment. Therefore, we must ensure that the web and App are correctly adapted to the legislation.

In Auratech we offer the service of adaptation and implementation of your web and App to the legislation of e-commerce, cookies and privacy. For this purpose, we offer different legal advisory services that individually or jointly, allow companies to develop their online business inside the established legal framework with total security and guarantee.

The adaptation to the legislation in such a changing environment is rarely enough with a punctual process at the moment of the creation of the society. It is a process of almost constant adaptation due to the evolution of the market, of the legislation and of the clients.

The adaptation service goes through several phases:

  • Analysis and audit of the web or application.
  • Writing legal texts about Privacy, Intellectual Property and Consumers and Users law.
  • Drafting of terms and contract general conditions (web/e-commerce).
  • We contact the people in charge of managing the website or App to let them know the changes we will make. In that meeting we will explain detailed the points that will be modified, as well as the way to introduce the new legal texts.
  • Adaptation of LSSI/ RGPD to the web/e-commerce environment
  • Legal compliance audit to check that everything is implemented correctly.

In the writing process we always take into account:

  • Legislation on contracting matters.
  • Intellectual and industrial property. Copyrights.
  • Secure payment gateways with the maximum guarantees.
  • Cookies, pixels and other technologies used. Analysis of privacy risks.
  • Application of the Law of Consumers and Users to e-commerce.

As you can observe, in the different phases we do not only write the legal texts; our work goes much further, making sure that each text or box is in the corresponding place, that the online purchase complies with the legislation that affects it in each case and that the cookies inform in accordance with the legislation.


If you have any doubt about the adaptation of web and App to legislation, Auratech is at your disposal.

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