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The Equality Officer: Roles, Training and Requirements

In a context where gender equity emerges as a fundamental pillar, the figure of the equality officer positions itself as an indispensable piece within the business ecosystem. Their role extends beyond public bodies or specific projects, integrating permanently into the structure of private companies. This transformation responds, in part, to current regulations that demand the […]

Special categories of data under the GDPR

Introduction In the digital age, the collection and processing of personal data are ubiquitous. However, some types of data, known as special categories of data or sensitive data, are particularly sensitive and require special treatment. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) sets strict rules for the processing of special categories […]

Employee training awareness

We have heard that the weakest link in a security chain is the processing of information by employees. Employee training awareness. Some of the most common risks of not implementing employee training include changing passwords on computers and their lack of security, documents that are exposed for everyone, documents with personal information that are discarded […]

Data Protection Officer Service

The Data Protection Officer Service can be provided internally by means of an employment contract or externally in the framework of a contract of services provided. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) establishes a series of “proactive responsibility measures”. These measures include the figure of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), a figure that did not […]

New Technologies and Advertising Law

The different disciplines covered by this section of New Technologies and Advertising Law are as follows: New Technologies and Advertising Law. These are some of the services we provide: We advise on regulatory compliance of promotional actions prior to their launch to avoid or minimize reputational crises, legal actions, misinterpretations, unforeseen incidents and economic losses. […]

Adaptation of web and App to legislation

It is important to increase legal security in a changing medium such as the digital environment. Therefore, we must ensure that the web and App are correctly adapted to the legislation. In Auratech we offer the service of adaptation and implementation of your web and App to the legislation of e-commerce, cookies and privacy. For […]

Data Protection Audit and ISO ISMS Certifications

Data Protection Audit and ISO ISMS Certifications 1.- Data Protection Audit Data Protection Audit and ISO ISMS Certifications. In the regulation of development of the old LOPD it was clearly stated that a Data Protection Audit should be carried out every two years, in all organizations that had some level of security measures. Article 96 […]

Data Protection advice

To comply with the GDPR legislation with an efficient advice in Data Protection means to give confidence to the clients. We focus on what really matters to you. We are not going to say how many years we have been in the sector, neither the number of clients that we provide Data Protection Advice. Our […]

Data Protection Services. Consulting and advice

By hiring our data protection services, you will be able to come into effect with national, European and International privacy regulations in a short period. The main reason for the Data Protection regulations is, year by year, to implement a culture of privacy so that both users and organizations value the fundamental right to privacy. […]