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The new US-EU Privacy Framework

The new US-EU privacy framework has arrived. On 10 July, the European Commission adopted the adequacy decision on the US-EU privacy framework. Does the new US-EU Privacy Framework comply with the adequate level of protection? The European Commission has determined that the new Privacy agreement ensures an adequate level of personal data protection, comparable to […]

Is the end of spam calls?

What does the General Telecommunications Law (“LGT”) say about “spam” calls? Is the end of spam calls? The General Communications Law (“LGT”) was published on 28 June 2022. In its article 66.1.b) it mentions that end users of interpersonal communications services have the right not to receive unwanted commercial calls. The exception of this precept is that […]

How can I record my employees?

Absence of the duty to inform when installing security cameras at work. How can I record my employees? On 18 May 2022, an individual filed a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency against his employer. He installed video surveillance cameras in the workplace without previously informing him. The processing of the complainant’s data was […]

ChatGPT. Threat or partner?

What is ChatGPT? In order to answer the question “ChatGPT. Threat or partner?”we must first know the meaning of ChatGPT. It is a natural language processing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence, which allows fluent conversations similar to human ones. It also facilitates the user to perform tasks such as essays, writing emails, composing songs, analysis […]

The DPO in the European Union

In this article we will analyse the figure of the DPO in the EU (European Union). Javier Sempere Samaniego, Data Protection Officer of the Spanish General Council of the Judicial Power, has prepared for the Spanish Professional Privacy Association (APEP) an informative note about the sanctioning resolutions adopted by the supervisory authorities that affect the […]

The ICO condened four companies for making abusive commercial calls.

The ICO condened four companies for making abusive commercial calls. These companies have paid a £370,000 fine, for making more than 800,000 abusive commercial calls to individuals.  These phone calls consisted in offering home repairs. They called individuals indiscriminately, including those who subscribed to the TPS (Telephone Preference Service), in order to not receive commercial […]