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To comply with the GDPR legislation with an efficient advice in Data Protection means to give confidence to the clients.

We focus on what really matters to you. We are not going to say how many years we have been in the sector, neither the number of clients that we provide Data Protection Advice. Our main objective is to focus on advice. Therefore, our clients will be confident with the hired service and will continue referring us.

No somos:

  • A Low-Cost consultant company that offers you to comply with the regulations for a price that barely covers the administrative cost and gives a certificate of how well they do their job. If you are looking for a Low Cost service where they give you a template, save the money and from the AEPD website get the same documents for free.
  • A law firm that charges you high fees per hour and orders, in many cases, the work to their junior lawyers.

What are we?

We are a company with adjusted prices to the work and dedication performed. We give priority to offer quality to the project, instead of the profitability of the proposal.

Some of the Data Protection advisory services we offer:

  • Evaluate opportunities for commercial use and monetization of personal data, paying special attention to cases in which the processing involves the use of new technologies with a high risk to the rights and freedoms.
  • Create the legitimate bases for each data processing. Each legal basis will always be under the European Supervisory Authorities and the European Data Protection Committee’s standards.
  • Write or correct the informative texts on websites, questionnaires, forms, posters, apps, etc.
  • Create a register of personal data processing activities, as a controller or data processor, creating an inventory of data transfers, legitimate bases, international data transfers, processing purposes, security measures, etc…
  • Analyze the risk in those treatments that, because of their volume or (sensitive) categories, may generate problems.
  • Carry out Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), in order to specify the concrete measures that the company must establish to reduce the risks. With the DPIA we guarantee a correct compliance and an appropriate protection of Personal Data.
  • Support in the generation of protocols to guarantee aspects, such as privacy from the design and minimization of the use of personal data.
  • To process the claims of rights by the interested parties.
  • Notification of security breaches before the Control Authority and writing the corrective measures.
  • Advise externally to the Data Protection Officer (DPD), by writing internal and external policies, as well as supporting the DPD’s function.
  • Review that the providers in charge of the data processing offer enough compliance guarantees. We also prepare contracts and assignment clauses, as well as other clauses of function distribution and responsibilities between different organizations in their personal data processing.
  • Writing of privacy policies and information retention, especially in the establishment of maximum conservation periods.
  • Formation and awareness sessions about privacy and security the prevention and warning about cybersecurity threats, as well as the improper use of the information.

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