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The different disciplines covered by this section of New Technologies and Advertising Law are as follows:

New Technologies and Advertising Law. These are some of the services we provide:

  • We advise on regulatory compliance of promotional actions prior to their launch to avoid or minimize reputational crises, legal actions, misinterpretations, unforeseen incidents and economic losses. We review and check for possible conflicts arising during the course prior to and during the publication of an advertising campaign until its completion. Analysis of possible legal infringements that may affect each element that makes up the advertising campaign (images, minors, audios, message …).


  • Creation, analysis and review of legal bases for promotional contests and sweepstakes. When carrying out a promotion or promotional contest in which a prize is offered to the consumer in exchange for participating in it, a series of rights and obligations are put into play, both on the part of the organizer of the promotion and on the part of those who participate.
    • These must be perfectly regulated expressly in what are known as Legal Bases, being embodied in a document the purpose and responsibilities arising from the relationship established between the organizer and the participants.


  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts, especially advertising and marketing contracts, such as agency contracts, broadcasting contracts, sponsorship contracts, creation contracts, distribution contracts, merchandising contracts, contracts with advertising service providers, contracts with third parties involved in the campaign (models, actors, musicians, designers, etc.).


  • Risk analysis, determining the possible legal infringements that may affect each element involved in an advertising campaign, whether images, texts or any other element that makes up the advertising message.

From Auratech we are at your disposal.

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